Juices & Soft drinks

There are different varieties and flavors, but they are always suitable to accompany a meal or simply to refresh that moment of the day. From Frutapac, we distribute some of the best brands on the market.

Happy Day is synonymous with unique flavor and the highest quality. The wide range of 100% vegan juices and nectars will take you on a journey of different flavors.
100% fruit juices and nectars in a beautiful 20 cl glass bottle. The best fruits for the premium product, exclusively for hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and catering, and with vegan certification.
Bravo is one of the most popular juice brands in Austria, Italy and the Mediterranean area. Available in more than 80 countries, Bravo juices and nectars provide excellent quality at a very reasonable price.
Carpe Diem Kombucha is probably the most special drink that can be made from tea. Kombucha's own cultures are responsible for the wide variety of aromas and flavor tones. Low in calories and certified vegan.
Ice Tea (tea soft drink) lemon, peach and berries flavor, available in PET bottles, cans and tetra prism.
Cafemio goes anywhere with you! Italian lifestyle paired with fresh milk from the Alps filled into a convenient and resealable PET bottle. The perfect coffee break on the go.
Karamalz is Germany's leading non-alcoholic malt beverage, with more than 70 years on the market since its launch in 1951.