Since 1992

We bring the finest flavours from around the world to your home

Our company is dedicated to the management and development of food products supported by international premium brands.

With a presence in Spain, Argentina and Colombia, we handle import, storage, sale, distribution and promotion through a qualified human team.

In the role of partners to our suppliers and clients, we manage the product categories we are committed to, ensuring an increase in business sales and profitability.

The commitment to sustained growth we have established with our clients and suppliers makes us engage in a constant search for new objectives:

More than 30 years in the market

Frutapac was established in 1992.

About 30 brands

in our product portfolio, with more than 200 references.


We supply to over 250 clients in the three countries we operate

National, regional, and local super and hyper market chains, e-commerce pure players, and local distributors to reach all consumers.

13 million euros

is the group annual global turnover.

Own offices

Barcelona (Spain) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).


We import products from suppliers located in 8 countries in 3 continents

Argentina, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Philippines.

16 people

made up the Frutapac team.

5 product families

Canned Fruits, ‘Rhapsodie de Fruits’ (fruit spreads), Beers, Juices & Soft drinks, and Sauces.